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n. 阿曼达(女子名) [例句] Amanda: it came free with my computer. 阿曼达:它是我电脑上的免费游戏。

歌曲名:Redemption 歌手:Gackt 专辑:Redemption 中译: 静静地在空中还的贵方的身姿 what else can I do besides avenge you? what else can I do besides avenge you? 我能做的除了报复你什么呢? 涙が枯れるまでずっと 直到眼泪干涸 见つめて...

“complememt”翻译 动词: 补充 supplement, complement, add, replenish 辅 assist, complement, supplement 名词 补语 complement 辅 complement 补体 complement

how is everything? I saw your posts on the facebook. Are you availbe some other time this week? I have to attend classes from 18:00 to 21:00 on Thursday and Friday evening.

our time 我们的时间 Amanda Jenssen 阿曼达.延森 There is no room for love 已经没有空间给爱了 Wondering what we're made of 想知道我们是什么制造而成的 Silence is all I've got 沉默就是我的所有 There is no room for us 我们已经没有空...

Elaine 我认为不错的



Little House Amanda Seyfried I love this place But it’s haunted without you My tired heart Is beating so slow Our hearts sing less Than we wanted We wanted Our hearts sing ’cause We do not know we do not know To light the night...


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