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供参考 可分为3部分 (1) there is always hope (2) that a real rarity will be found amongst the piles of assorted junk (3) that litter ...


字面意思:希望但不指望 希望但不奢求

there is always hope 总是有希望的 因为用心,所以放心 百度知道芝麻翻译团 你有问题,我来解答 芝麻一帮一,问题全无一 万千芝麻是一家,团结合作靠大家 不明白请及时追问,敬请采纳,O(∩_∩)O谢谢

总会有希望的 There is always hope

Hope歌词 shadow walks faster than you you don’t really know what to do do you think that you’re not alone? you really think that you are immune to its gonna get that the best of you its gonna lift you up and let you down it wil...

I always hope to be able to find the best friends here, why is it so hard?

我做的是一个现代化企业个人宣传片,所以也歌曲也不能太吵太震撼,希望大神能帮我举几个类似这首歌的风格 Hope Always_X-Ray Dog (不要有人唱歌) 微微...

歌曲试听与下载地址 有问题的连同提问地址一起hi我``

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