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作为一个事后的想法 例句1. Almost as an afterthought he added that he missed her. 他又几乎不假思索地补充说他想念她。 来自柯林斯例句 2. They only invited Jack and Sarah as an afterthought . 他们邀请杰克和萨拉不过是事后想起的补救...

歌曲名:Afterthought 歌手:In Fear And Faith 专辑:Imperial In Fear And Faith - Afterthought I'm resting my eyes so I can see you clearly when I leave you shaking and barely breathing (This sudden love oh so picture perfect, that ...

思考后,他补充说道他们很可能不喜欢这个事实。 不知我这样翻译对不对。

after dark 故事从公园开始,黄昏后有些冷oh when you took my heart, that's when we fell apart 哦,当你挽着我的手臂,我们迷失了自己coz we both thought...

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