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应该是acturely 吧!是事实上的意思

health is important for us ,do you know hou to keep healthy ,here are some suggestions : first, exercise and relax every day ,,,second ,remember to eat healthy food and sleep well,,,

做地点状语.因为这里面的that做的是主语.而who做表语.你不妨回答一下.who's that beside her? that(it) is lucy beside her. 你看它只能是地点状语了.

1.在他们住的那个房间里连放一台电脑的地方都没有(space) there is no space for a computer in the room that they live in. 2.他一进来就知道发生了什么(the moment) he knew what had happened the moment he came in. 3.学生们非常自信,

一: it's said that modern people are more focus on their work so ignore their bodies' health. acturely, this is probably true, because most time in our life, we sit in front of our computer or work table to deal with daily task. some people even stay up to

love is:Cultivate Kindness / 培养爱心 Earn an "A" : apologize / 学会一个"A" : 即道歉 Learn loyalty / 学会忠诚 Make -- and keep -- promises / 做出承诺并兑现 Don't forget to forgive / 记住要宽恕别人

I think I like English.I feel I like English.feel like doing=would like to do想要做不能用feel like?你已采纳,本不必再答,但,acturely什么意思?错了吧?feel like不能用.feel like+名词,意为“觉得好像……”It feels li

这是主系表结构.英语中be动词是联系动词 后接形容词名词等做表语.he is handsome. He is a handsome man.


com/view/26751.htm" target="_blank">同义词actually,as a matter of fact 这句话是虚拟语气的用法://baike:

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