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WEll rECEivED with mAny thAnks是什么意思

Well received with thanks 千恩万谢收下的。。。 双语对照 例句: 1. Your enquiry for table cloth has been received with thanks. 你们对台布的询盘已收到,谢谢。 2. His presents were received with reserved thanks. 他送的礼物,人家以...


你好。 well received. thank you.翻译成中文是: 好评。谢谢您。

在邮件中如果回复别人什么文件已收到, 可以用“Well received.

你好! 翻译为:收到了,谢谢! 希望能够帮到你!

Well received with thanks 我们千恩万谢地收下了 例句: 1. Then close the book with thanks. 然后怀着感激合上书。 2. Our hearts were truly filled with thanks. 我们心中充满感激之情。 3. Neither will they be pleased with thanks offer...


Well received your email with thanks.Kindly please find enclosed my resume and artwork for your evaluation.Should any further queries, please do not ...

your letter has well received 你的信已经被签收。 或者说你的信已经送达

Well received your email with Thanks ! I 've changed some datas which you provided ,and now I'm satisfied with sounds effect ,this is ...

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