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原句是不是take out your book 之类的,我读给你听吧

take-out-your-book 拿出你的书 此结果来自百度翻译,长句或段落建议您使用翻译频道 双语例句 1. These files have been zipped up to take up less disk space. 这些文档已经进行了压缩,以节省磁盘空间。 来自柯林斯例句 2. You have to take ...

忒 藕 呦 怒了

take out the trash [teik aut] ðiː; [træʃ] 把垃圾扔出去 Could you take out the trash? 你能把垃圾扔出去吗?

Take out your rulers

take it out on me 把它拿给我 具体音标 take it out on 英 [teik it aut ɔn] 美 [tek ɪt aʊt ɑn] me 英 [mi] 美 [mi] 中文谐音:忒克 e特 敷特 ang 密 重点词汇 take it out on泄怒 双语例句 She's the one who offended you. d...

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