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MY CollECtion 英语作文(有翻译)

Now a lot of people like to collect something, for example, stamps or coins 。I'm also a collector and my collection is telephone cards。Now,I have over one thousand cards. Each of them is a beautiful picture depicting almos...

My collection Some people like collecting things. so do I. I am extremely interested in collecting various coins, for they can provide a chance for me to learn the history of countries. Coins are different from place to place. ...

My Collection 即可。如果是具体的某种作品集,如: Music Collection, Novel Collection,Art Collection 等等。 如果要用works,则不必用Collection,My Works 即可。work 要加s。


平时口语时,两种翻译均可,不过建议翻译为“the Collection of My owe Works”,这里很明显应该特指自己的那个个人作品集。 例:The collection of my owe works is very important for me.个人作品集对我来说非常的重要。

Complete Collection 完整的收集; 全部藏品 双语对照 例句: 1. They were the auctioneers handling the complete collection of the last american titanicsurvivor miss lillian asplund. 他们是泰坦尼克号最后的美国幸存者阿斯普朗德小姐的...

collection KK: [] DJ: [] n. 1. 收集,采集;收取[U][C] 2. 收藏品,搜集的东西[C] 3. 募捐;募集的钱[C] 4. 聚集;积聚;大量,大堆[C][S1][(+of)] 以后如果有英语单词,可以去百度词典查。很详细很方便的。~



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