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MY CollECtion 英语作文(有翻译)

Now a lot of people like to collect something, for example, stamps or coins 。I'm also a collector and my collection is telephone cards。Now,I have over one thousand cards. Each of them is a beautiful picture depicting almos...

My collection Some people like collecting things. so do I. I am extremely interested in collecting various coins, for they can provide a chance for me to learn the history of countries. Coins are different from place to place. ...

My Collection 即可。如果是具体的某种作品集,如: Music Collection, Novel Collection,Art Collection 等等。 如果要用works,则不必用Collection,My Works 即可。work 要加s。

These shoes here are my collections .

一般情况是中文按英文倒着翻,从后往前。这是使用简单句。 复杂句就要找到主语谓语等等清晰的句子成分结构,英语的修饰成分多加于名词后,而中文多修饰语在前。由于词性的灵活,英语句子更为复杂。但是只要成分清楚,按照逻辑也可将片段合成句子。

Portfolio (艺术家等的)代表作选辑 Personal Portfolio 你那个也可以表达这个意思 希望对你有所帮助:)

I plan to start collecting western art, I want to expand my collection. ...百度知道 十分钟内有问必答 立即下载 相关问题 “准备,开始,”用英语怎么说 ...

Jim White 人名,无需翻译 I love sports - 这里指热爱或有比较感兴趣多项体育运动 but I don't play sports - 从不参与

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