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LEt's____(hAvE) A rEst.shAll wE? 答案是hAvE

第一个shall是情态动词 第二个shall是因为let's后的反意疑问句才必须用shall we 或will we 的 如果把第2句的let's 分成 let us 那就不能用shall了,所以很明显是不同了

. Let's have a rest. Why not have a rest? 第一时间为你解答,敬请采纳, 如果本题还有疑问请追问,Good luck!

选B.shall we


D A. It depends.是情况而定 B. It’s up to you. 有你决定 C. What about you? 你怎么样呀 D. Why not? 为什么不呢,从You have been busy for such a long time.可看出选D

shll一般用于第一人称,比如shall we go to the park而will一般用于二三人称will you go with me 另外: 助动词shall和will的用法和区别 shall和will作为助动词可以与动词原形一起构成一般将来时。例如: I shall study harder at English. 我将...


At ten we have a glass of wine and then we ...Then he let the student go on with his my bed should let me have a good rest . ...

最佳答案 不定式和动名词作主语的区别:(1) 动名词...Let’s try doing the worksome other way.让我们...We have made a plan to finish the work.C)被...

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