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有哪些令人听到就心情大好的歌?《Stadium Arcadium》 - Funky Monks 所属专辑:《Blood Sugar Sex Magik》 - Give It Away 所

大家知道什么英文歌吗!!!promise don't come easy Time to say good bye let it be Lonely(Nana)god is a girl i will come back to your love t

《the. miracle . worker》的经典台词- (Captain) Katie- Sh.- She's very rough, Katie.- I like her, Cap'n.How old is she?Well, she's not in

【西安】寻找华清池、钟楼、城墙和大雁塔四景点的英文As the symbol of the old-line Xian, Big Wild Goose Pagoda is a well-preserved ancient building

求好听的歌(非中文)(德国) 2.The Buddhist Monks - 《I wanna fly》(西班牙) 3.Lesiem - 《Fundamentum (11 Minutes Version)》 四、舞曲: 1.Aqua(水叮当

有哪些令人听到就心情大好的歌?《不完美小孩》TFboys 那时候我高二,上的是家里那边的中职学校,因为要升学,学习压力还是蛮大的

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