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I'm DonE with you 什么意思

I'm done with you。 翻译:别惹我,我们完了!(意指友谊(爱情)的小船翻了) 例句:I‘m done here 我受够了,我要走了 I‘m done waiting for you,我受够一直等你。

be done with做完,结束;(使用)完毕的;了结的与…了结关系,不再同…打交道i'm so done with you 我和你玩完了,我们结束了

I'm done…是一个美语口语用法 表示我受够了 你看done不就是结束了的意思么 I‘m done here 我受够了我要走了 i'm done with you 我受够你了 我们就此结束了 I‘m done waiting for you 即表示 我受够苦苦等待你

我和你分手(绝交)了. 望采纳!

B 表示满意,高兴 A错在搭配,happy to do sth, to 后面不能跟what you have done这样的宾语从句 CD的意思不对

Oh, he treats me with respect, He says he loves me all the time, He calls me 15 times a day, He likes to make sure that I'm fine, You know I've never met a man, Whose made me feel quite so secure, He's not like all them other b...

That I'm done with you And the things you do I can't run or hide ...With your wrecking ball heart Baby tear it apart 中文与英文的意思还是差...

在这落莫的空间,而我,不懂停留,随波逐流,游走,从来不信命运挣斗,不信能...When I'm done with thinking, then I'm done with you. When I'm done...

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