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I think I'm prEtty gooD, you Do not wAnt to try...


不是男的唱的, 而是声音沙哑的女歌手PINK唱的.Pink ---Heartbreak Down I like to think that i'm a pretty good kisserI like to think I maybe broke a few heartsBut since I met you I'm a victim of disasterI like to think I got it down to an artSo here's

可以,只是would you要委婉一些~

katy perry 的【hot n cold】: you change your mind 你改变主意 like a girl changes clothes 就像女孩子换衣服似的 yeah you, pms 没错 你就像得了经前综合症 like a bitch 像个泼妇 i would know 我早该知道 and you over think 你想得太多 always speak

应该是这个迈克杰克逊的you are not aloneanother day has gone i'm still all alone how could this be you're not here with me you never said goodbye someone tell me why did you have to go and leave my world so cold everyday i sit and ask myself

Can We Dance

<Stonger> Kelly Clarkson的歌,无疑 望采纳Stronger Kelly Clarkson You know the bed feels warmer, 也许床上会感觉温暖一点Sleeping here alone,我独自躺在这里You know I dream in color, 你知道我怀着美好的梦想And do the things I want.

歌词是:I think I can't live without you歌名:Life With You歌手:The Proclaimers专辑:Life With YouWhen I was a younger manWhen I was a silly boyI didn't need a thingI was strong as anythingI viewed solitude as a joyBut since I met you I'm

Colbie Caillat -fallin for you I don't know boy 我不知道男孩 I think I maybe 我想我也许 Fallin' for you 爱上了你 Dropping so quickly 下降如此之快 Maybe I should 也许我应该 Keep this to myself 保持自己 Waiting 'til I 直到我 Know you

科比凯拉的《 falling for you》I don't know but I think I maybe Fallin' for you Dropping so quickly Maybe I should Keep this to myself Waiting 'til I Know you better I am trying Not to tell you But I want to I'm scared of what you'll say So I'm

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