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I hEAr thAt you hAvE BEEn to WuzhEn. DiD you

How long have you stayed there? 你还在那里,问你在那边已经住了多久。你有可能会继续住下去。 How long did you stay there? 你已经回来了,问你当时在那边住了多久。

回答和翻译如下 : 33 . A 34 . D 35 . A Wuzheng left me a great impression during my recent four day staythere.When I arrived at Wuzhen...

We two adults plus 2small children (4years old & 1,5years old) are going to Wuzhen in September. Do you have any good suggestions about hotel for us four in one room? By the time, is it a good idea to bring a sulky/stroller bec...

International students are not eligible for financial aid and should not fill out the FAFSA. Many of you have been asking about merit ...

I suggest to spend your duration at Suzhou or Hangzhou.There're more Chinese landscape than Shanghai,like Zhouzhuang(in Suzhou),Wuzhen(in Hangzhou),that you would experience the authentic Spring Festival there.

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