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喂,太恐怖了吧.坚毅,你的回答让我寒心啊.2公斤不是2个.不能用复数表示.正确答案是:two kilos of apple

Two kilograms of apple

1 kilogram of apples 英语没有斤,只有公斤;或着磅(重量单位) ;1公斤=1000克=2斤2 kilograms of apples = 2公斤苹果

I want two kilos of apples我想要二公斤苹果如果对您有帮助请采纳 谢谢I want two kilos of apples我想要二公斤苹果

你好!jim在商店买了两公斤苹果Jim bought two kilos of apples in the shop

We need two kilograms apple.

我为我女儿买了两千克苹果I bought two thousand grams of apples for my daughter.我为我女儿买了两千克苹果I bought two thousand grams of apples for my daughter.

1. How much do apples cost per kilogram / per half kilogram?2. Apples cost 6 yuan per kilogram / per half kilogram3. How many kilograms of apple do you want ? I want 3 kilograms4. How much do 3 kilograms of apple cost?5. 3 kilograms of apple cost approximately (about) 18 yuan.

1 This house is on sale .2 The young need to look after the old.3 His father bought two kilos of apples for him./His father bought him two kilos of apples .

他想买两公斤香蕉和三瓶苹果汁He wants to buy two kilograms of bananas and three bottles of apple juice安娜,你能帮我买些东西吗?我们没有任何牛奶和面包?我们需要多少牛奶?别担心.让我来帮你Anna, can you help me buy something?don't have any milk and bread?We need much milk?Don't worry. Let me help you. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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