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My name is . I come fromXX School. I am (twelve) years old. I like listening to music, reading books ,playing computer games and watching TV. There are three people in my family. They are my father,mother and me. My parents are both teachers.

翻译如下:I'm a girl from Jiangsu. My name is Li Hua,8 years old. I like singing, and I like dancing. I am a pupil, Grade two this year. My favorite course is music, because the music is wonderful. I often go to the movies with my family.

My name is XX .I'm12 years old . I'm in CHANGQING primary school.I like playing basketball and reading books. I have many good friends, one of my best friend is XXX. I'm in grade six class English teacher is XXX. I very like English. you

大家早上好,我叫*** 今年16岁 我来自广东**,毕业于广州市黄埔**学校. 我的兴趣是打兵兵球 我喜欢踢足球 打羽毛球. 1 Good morning, everyone. 大家早上好 2 I will introduce myself to you. 我向你们做一个自我介绍 3 My name is XXX. 我叫.

i am kate. i am from china. i am studying english in xxx school now. i am a outgoing girl.i have many hobies. for example, i like reading books, drawing pictures, doing sports and so on. i like dogs very much and i have a chiwawa in my home now. i

My name is xxx,I enjoy sport,like table tennis,basketball and so on .Of course, I like make many friends!I hope I will enjoy my time with you 我叫啥,喜欢运动,比如桌球篮球等,当然我喜欢广交朋友,希望和你们在一起能够很开心的度过

Hello,everyone.My name is **and you can call me **.(中文或英文名) First,I will tell you something about myself.I'm **years old.I'm about **cm tall.I have short black hair and brown eyes.My hobby is playing computer games.I also enjoy playing tennis

I am Xiaohong.I am 10 years old .I am a lovely girl / boy .There are three people in my family.My mother and father both are teachers.They like their work.I love them.We all like reading .We often rea

My Chinese name is--------,and my English name is -------.I'm------years old.I study in ----school.There are ----people in my family.They are my --------.I love them. My favourite food is -------.And my favourite fruit are -------.In my school, I like ------(subject)

Hellow. I am (你得名字). I am a (你得性别). I am (你得岁数). I am (你得身高)cm. I like (你得爱好). I live in (你家的地址). My school is (你的学校). I like (你喜欢的季节).Because I can (你喜欢 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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