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point two percent 外国人懒,很多时候前面的zero就省了不讲。 如果在一些比较专业的科技英语场合,会用千分之二的说法,即two per mil(注意per mil之间有空格)

zero plus two is two

one-tenth of one percent 这是VOA新闻上的写法

o point two zero point two 两种都得,第一种比较口语。

1. One thirty Or one dollar and thirty cents 2. Thirty cents 我在北美15年,从未听过人说“point"在价格中

免费 free of charge; free of expense; for nothing; for free; no charge; without charge; without payment; on the house 他让我免费到西班牙度假,我却坐失良机。 I missed out on his offer of a free holiday in Spain. 向顾客提供免费品...


1.from the ancient times to the present 2.from time immemorial (自古以来)

five to six o("opq"的o) to two

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