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做最好的自己 用英语可以这么说:BE BEst mysElF?...

try my best 或者do my best就可以了,这两种说法比较地道

有一句传播力很广的广告语是这意思:To be No.1. to be 去做,去成为。 最好的,The best。 自己ownself 做最好的自己:To be the best ownself!(yourself)

Be the best of youself(myself).

As to most of us, to be the best maybe means making a lot of achievements, getting high grades at school, earning a lot of money, etc. Someone might say, ‘Yes, I just want to be the best and this is actually the life I want to ...

可以, be your personal best 没错 例句: I want to be my personal best in whatever I do.

翻译如下 我要做最好的自己 I'll be my best self.

所以我要尽我所能,做最好的我.用英语怎么说: So I will try my best to do the best I can。 用到了一个常用短语 :try sb's best to do sth.

百度翻译:Strive to do their own google翻译:Strive to do their 在百度找滴(坦白了) 可以自己找找翻译工具,

做最好的自己 Be the best version of you

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