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做最好的自己 用英语可以这么说:BE BEst mysElF?...

try my best 或者do my best就可以了,这两种说法比较地道

Try hard to be the best of myself

As to most of us, to be the best maybe means making a lot of achievements, getting high grades at school, earning a lot of money, etc. Someone might say, ‘Yes, I just want to be the best and this is actually the life I want to ...

我一直在等你 做最好的自己 I'm waiting for you all ways,to be the best of myself.


What I'm afraid of the most is to be hurt, while always couldn't I protect myself well.

I never let myself down until I meet you at my best year,finally I got you. 仅供参考~~

都可以 但一般相信自己说 trust me

歌名:I caught myself 歌手:Paramore 语言:英语 所属专辑:Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (International Deluxe Version) 发行时间:2008-10-28 Down to you, 压倒你 You're pushing and pulling me down to you. 你...

dream梦想 Hold fast to dreams 紧紧抓住梦想, For when dreams go 梦想若是消丧 Life is a barren field 生命就象贫瘠的荒野, Frozen only with snow 雪覆冰封,万物不再生长

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