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做家务 基本翻译 keep house do housework 网络释义 做家务:keep house|do housework/homework 不爱做家务的:undomesticated 帮助某人做家务:help with the housework

你好!做家务do housework

Doing housework

我在家里做家务.英文翻译:I do housework at home.或: I was at home doing housework.重点词汇释义:在家里:at home 做家务:do housework

帮我做家务 help me do housework housework 英[hasw:k] 美[hasw:rk] n. 家务劳动; [例句]I discovered an addiction to housework which I had never felt before.我发现自己迷上了做家务,之前我从没有这种感觉.

做家务 : do the housework

My mother is very tired after works of all day.So I decided to help my mother to do some housework.First,I washed the dishes.After do that I swept the floor.then,i poor the

做家务do housework或keep house(当家,管理家务)例句1.Do you often do housework at home?你经常在家做家务活吗?2.His mother would come and keep house for them.他母亲会来替他们照料家务.希望对你有帮助 望采纳 谢谢

housework 常与do连用 do housework做家务

do housework 或者 do homework

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