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做饭 cook the meals 相关解释:cook dinner 例句:我正忙着做饭.I am busy cooking dinner.那位朋友劝他不要那个时候去:“你到的时候,他们还在做饭呢!” The friend tries to dissuade him: "When you arrive they'll still be cooking the meal! ".电话铃响的时候我正在厨房里做饭.I was cooking in the kitchen when the telephone rang.

Cooking make dinner cook the meal do the cooking

你好,可以翻译为以下几种形式: 1.cook 2.cook dinner some cooking 4.make dinner the cooking 新年快乐!

My grandmather is cooking.cooking做饭

做饭 cook


cook 就是煮饭的意思I gotta cook now for my wife就是煮饭的意思


cook dinner

我想在厨房做饭1.)i want to cook in the kitchen2.) i want to do cooking in the kitchen满意请采纳,谢谢

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