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watch tv

正在看电视英文:Watching TV

我正在看电视.I'm watching TV now!

television 音标:英 ['telv()n]美 ['tlvn] n. 电视,电视机;电视业 可简写成:tv 用法:they have a television in every room. 他们每个房间都配有电视.watch television. / watch tv 看电视

看电视 watch TV 根据句子具体时态语态,对动词watch进行改变.

我正在看电视 [现在进行时]I am watching TV now.I am watching TV at the moment.

当我进来时,他正在看电视.英文翻译 He was watching TV when I came in

的时候,我正在看电视英文翻译_When I was watching TV, I was watching TV

watch TV watch television watching TV watching television

television 音标2113:英 ['telv()n]美 ['tlvn] n. 电视5261,4102电视机;电视业1653 可简写成:TV 用法:版 They have a television in every room. 他们每个权房间都配有电视.watch television. / watch TV 看电视

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