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看报纸 read newspaper

I am reading newspaper when she comes.

read newspaper 这绝对没错 我敢肯定

康康正在读英语报纸.英语:kangkang is reading english newspapers now.

My father is reading a newspaper.Is your father reading a newspaper?Yes, he is. No he, isn't.

那时她正在看报纸She is reading a newspaper at that time

我正在读报纸 I was reading a newspaper

My father is reading a newspaper now.我爸爸现在正在浏览报纸

Kang Kang is reading an English newspaper in the library.

Now I want to introduce a sort of newspaper to you.That is English Weekly.In 1983 it was its first time to be punished by Shanxi Normal University.It is the newspaper that is for more than one kind of pepple such as the students in high school and

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