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这箱子太重,这个小男孩搬不动 The box is too heavy to be carried by the little boy.

这箱子太重,这个小男孩搬不动 This box is too heavy, the little boy to carry

1.你最好不要单独去游泳.You'd( better not to swim alone ).2.这箱子太重,这小孩搬不动.The box is( too heavy for the child to move ).3.每天我父亲去上班需要一个半小时.

that box is too heavy for zhe kid.

这箱子太重,他搬不动.The box is so heavy that he can't carry it.

1、下次你应该早点来这里.You should come here earlier next time.2、你最好不要单独去游泳.You'd better not go swimming by yourself.3、让我们开始讨论这个话题吧.Let's start to talk about the topic.4、这箱

这只箱子太重了,我搬不动.你能帮我吗?:The chest has been very heavy this , I have been unable to move. Can you help me?加入到他们中去.:Put to going to in them in.

、too heavy to2、It',更上一层楼;s very easy for you to find祝你学习进步!请记得采纳

1.下次你应该早点儿来这儿. Next time (you should have come here more earlier).2. Let's (start to discuss this difficult problem).4.这箱子太重,这小孩搬不动. The box is

The box is too heavy to be carried- 这个箱子重的搬不动.”这个箱子太重不能搬动“的写法应该是This box is heavy to be moved. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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