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What is this what英 [wt] 美 [w:t] pron.(用以询问某人或某事物的词)什么,多少;…的事物 adj.…的(事物或人) adv.(用于感叹句中) int.(用以表示不相信或惊奇);(用以表示未听清楚对方说的话) 这是什麽;这个是什么;这是什么;

这个是什么? 这是一只苹果. What is this? It is an apple .那个是什么 ?What is that?那是一辆自行车.It is a bicycle.

中文:这是什么意思?英文翻译:What does that mean?相关例句:1.你知道这是什么意思?Do you know what it means?2.这是什么意思呢?What does that mean?3.这是什么意思呢?What does this mean?4.你想知道这是什么意思吗?You want to know what that means?5.知道这是什么意思吗?Do you know what that means?

what's this

用英语说这是什么What is this in English ?希望对你有帮助 望采纳 谢谢

what's this? what' that? what's it?

what's shape of it?呵呵,希望可以帮到你,有不懂的还可以问我^^

what's the meaning?/ what do mean by? 希望采纳

如果你要问的是微笑 smile

What colour is it ? 或 What color is it ? 祝学习顺利!O(∩_∩)O哈哈~

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