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这就是我的一天,它是忙碌和累的,但是很有趣 英语...

this is my is busy and tired.but it is also interesting.

这就是我的一天 This is one of my day 有不会的可以再问我

翻译如下: 这就是我的一天 This is my life in a day.


This is my busy day

I have a nice day in my summer holiday.在暑假里,我度过了完美的一天。This morning,i get up early.今天早上,我早早起床。I make the bed.我整理床铺。Then,I have breakfast with my parents.然后,我和我父母一起吃早饭。They go to wor...


This is my mother busy day. -------------如有帮助请采纳, 如需帮助可追问,谢谢。

if one day you get tired ,please come to me (come to my place),and I'll accompany with you just in silence . No out-of-date in my sentence .

My School Day I enjoy my life spent at school, because I can not only learn new knowledge every day, but also I can share my happiness with my friends. I was on duty for today, so I got up very early in the morning and got to s...

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