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Friends are very important to us in our life. Everyone needs some good friends. A life without a friend is like one without sun.Do you want to know my best friend? We met in the first year of primary school. She is a girl with big black eyes. She is also

JOB-LISTING Clinical Aide Department: Sterile Processing Schedule: PRN/As Needed (no benefits) Shift: Various shifts available Hours: Hours will vary Job Details: Qualifications: Provides assistance to staff in maintaining sectional areas,

Teachers wanted Are you good with kids? Do you like to work with a group of nice children? And are you good at English? We need sme English teaters for kids of 7-10 in the after-school study program. The teachers will have classes every Tuesday and Thursday eveving. If you want to join us, please call us at ********.

An English Editor Wanted We need a Volunteer to work for us.If who has good English and Artist Talent,could have a try.In addition,be Voluntary to take some rest time to serve Classmates.Someone who is interested could connect to Students

大意:1. 支持团队工作2. 做好软件质量记录3. 设计和开发嵌入式软件4. 本科或以上学历5. 主动性强,目标性强6. 英语流利

Are you a musician?Can you sing?Can you dance?Can you play the piano,the drums,the trumpet,or the guitar.Then you can be in our school music festival.please call Zhang Heng at 622-6033.我课文背的还是

Teachers Wanted for Summer CampOur shool needs a teacher for our summer camp. He or she must be 18-25 years old and able to sing and dance. The ability to speak English is also needed to te

wanted: Do you like English ? Can you speak English well ? Dou you like singing and dancing ? Do you hope hard work ? Dou you like children ? Are you good with children ? Dou you want to be an English teacher ? If your answer is "yes",then

Wanted:Do you like to work with children?Do you like to work hard? Do you like to teach English? Do you like to write on the blackbord?If your answer is “Yes” then we have a job for you as an English teacher. Call Selina′s school at 1234567.

Early Rising Early rising benefits us in many ways. First, it helps to keep us fit. We all need fresh air. Besides, by taking morning exercises we can improve our health. Second

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