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I will send a detailed solution to the problem later. 或:Later I will send a detailed solution to the problem.

i will send you a detailed solution to the problem to your email address, please check it later.

你好! 我看到你给我们发送了一个新的订单,但没有付款,是否遇到有什么问题,我能帮助到你吗? I see you sent us a new order, but no payment. Is there anything wrong with it? Can I help you?

i'd like to thank you because you helped me solve my problem

I am a novice I am a freshman I am a newcomer 英语翻译(English Translation)顾名思义就是一种将英语的意思转化为另一种语言的工作。它要求译者拥有较强的语言应用能力,能够完完全全表现出英语原本的意思。这是一种不同语言间进行互相表达...

我英语说的很差,英语是: I say poor English. 句子解释: say 英[seɪ] 美[se] vi. 说, 讲; 表明,宣称; 假设; 约莫; vt. 表明; 念; 说明; 比方说; n. 发言权; 说话; 要说的话; 发言权; [例句]I would just like to say that this is the...

发起一个英语讨论要视乎参与者的英语程度,如: 初学者:the best place for a vacation、 my favourite teacher、 my family 等 中级程度:should students do part-time jobs、the best extra curricular activities 等 高级程度:新闻议题

We are not sure whether we can find the best way to solve this problem. 前面两个回答语法上稍微有点问题 望采纳 谢谢

We will be responsible for this problem, I understand your situation, but I think this kind of processing method is not very reasonable, first, in confirm sample, because the butterfly and dragonflies accessories you say is too...

You really helped me a lot.

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