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体检 [拼音]:tǐ jiǎn [解释]: 1.a health checkup; a physical examination; a medical inspection ; physical examination; medical check-up [参考词典]:汉英综合科技大辞典 汉英综合大词典 定期体检 periodic physical examination 身体检...

个体经营: self-employment 个体经营者: self-employed individual 个体经营企业: self-employment business

{24} hour online 例句 很多院校都提供求职服务以及24小时在线帮助。 Many colleges offer job services and online aid at all hours.

专卖店 1.Specialty stores 2.exclusive agency 3.franchised store 4.unique ( )goods store I just bought it in a unique sports goods store. 我刚从体育专卖店买的。 Generally, the clothes sold at the unique sports goods stores are f...

通过包膜手段虽然可以赋予化肥控释性,但同时也带来了以下问题。 英文:Although the release of fertilizer can be controlled by means of coating, it also brings about the following problems。

on the contrary 是完全相反 In contrast 是与此不同 "与此相反"在中文里包含有上面两个意思,要看情况选择.

[词典] charging; charge ; (a battery) battery charging; charge up; electricize; [网络] recharge; Chg; usb; [例句]如果充上电,它就会带有磁性。 If we charge it with electricity, it will become magnetic


现在进行时 英文:present progressive This is an example of passive voice in present progressive. 本句为现在进行时的被动语态. Change the following sentences into the Present Continuous Passive Voice. 把下列句子变成现在进行时的被...

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