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在读证明 翻译成英文版 谢谢!

翻译如下:XX(学号XXX),女,我校数学科学学院会计学专业2009级本科班学生.特此证明 XX (student number XXX), female, 2009 grade undergraduate students of accounting major in Mathematics School of our university.Hereby certify

I certify that the students, in the years and months to years in the schools, arts classes, now a third-year high school is expected to be years, who graduated high school diploma.Hereby proof!Registry (Seal)Date

certificate of under studying


“在读证明”用英语:studying certificate 词组解析 “在读证明”在英语中被翻译为 studying certificate,为固定搭配. 其中studying为动词study的现在分词形式,表示“在读的,在学习中的”,用来修饰名词.certificate为名词词性,意思是执

在读证明Student certificate; Studying certificate; Student status Certificate例如:Original proof of inviter's registration at XXX University;邀请人在校的注册信,类似于国内的在读证明Original transcript and On-study Certificate -现在在读学校成绩单原件以及在读证明;

proof of studyName: XXX, gender: male, X year X month X day,student ID XXXXXXXXXXXXX. now i am an on-compus student of the institute of Information Engineering Communication Engineering (ordinary full-time undergraduate course), and i

This proved: Student xx, male, is born in xx, student number: xxth, from September, 2007 to July, 2008, in my school full-time five year clinical medicine specialized university first grade study. xx school administration office

This proof XX, female, XXXX was born on X X, student id XXX, in September 2008 in shandong province to the administrative cadre institute department of commerce and trade union study

With the approved of admissions committee in Anhui Province, XXX, who majors in economic has been admitted by Anhui University, (code: 10, level: bachelor) now is studying as a freshman in our school of 4-medical-year (from 2010 August to

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