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原来我什么都不是,英文是:It turns out that I am nobody. 句子解释: turn out 英[tə:n aut] 美[tɚn aʊt] [词典] 关掉; 结果是; 制造; 出席; [例句]If I had known my life was going to turn out like this, I would have le...

原来我什么都不知道 Actually,I don't know any thing at all.

最善长翻译这种有感觉的句子了……i have always been trying to i'm no longer the one i used to be.....

It eventually dawned on me that I turned out to be nothing.

Finally I realized that I'm nobody.

我以为我知道的,其实我什么都不知道,以后的日子里我会过自私点,我会过着属于我的生活,或许之前真的是我寂寞了,找不到自己想要的才会这样,直到现在我才知道,每个人都有自己想要的,而我以为能给的,结果全给不了,这也是我最后道歉! 人呢...

This relationship lasting so long is indeed a joke. I do not love you, and you also do not love me.


I thought I told you what is important is not that I was my unrequited love 满意请采纳(づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭❤~

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