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个人所得税は、ユニットの代わりに控除されている 个人所得税已经被本单位代为扣除了(你提供的“本单位”这个信息十分不明朗,是指你前文提到的单位?还是你工作的单位?还是有特定名称的单位?我按照“这家单位”给你翻译了,我本身就翻译的比较暧...

The personal income tax gives by Our company generation of buckle generation

The above-mentioned annual incomes include annual salary, bonus and assorts of allowances with the Personal Income Tax paid by the company on my behalf.

根据规定,个(人所得)税由公司统一代扣代缴。 Individual/Personal(2选1,下同) income tax may be withheld and remitted together by the company/corporation according to related regulations. 特此证明 Hereby is to verify/certify tha...


补助金额按申请企业引进的高级管理人才在补助年度已缴纳的个人所得税的20%给予补助。 【补助金额(ほじょきんがく)は企业(きぎょう)が导入(どうにゅう)した高级管理人材(こうきゅうかんりじんざい)が补助年度(ほじょねんど)において纳付済(のうふ...

Mr. Liu's personal income tax has been withheld by the building materials factory. The above is true, if it is false, will bear all legal responsibilities. Hereby certify that. Unit Income Tax detail ( unit: RMB yuan )

Certain personal income tax payment has been withheld and payed to the tax authorities by the company's financial department in accordance with the tax law.


Our company will pay for the xx's income tax

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