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首先,你的”我们安排下次见面“的英语是:We are to meet next time."be to do"是”计划、安排要做某事', to do 是不定式作表语;“ to be done "是不定式的被动形式,与"be to do" 没有任何联系,只是样子上有点像而已.

There're still five minutes to 7 o'clock.(还有5分钟到7点.)

to one's surprise

The boy is too young to go to school.这男孩年龄太小,不能上学. The hat is too large to wear.这帽子太大,没法戴. He walks too slowly to get there on time.他走得太慢,不能按时到达那儿. I'm too tired to think of anything now.我太累了,什么也不能想了. 希望采纳,你的支持是我们的动力!

主要几个意思:1,TO DO, 即将做2,给某人, TO SOMEBODY3, 词组, 比如DUE TO表示由于, 4, 从一个调整为另一个, 比如CHANGE A TO B等

①I take a bus to school. ②I want to be a teacher. ③He is very kind to us students. ④He went to the shop and bought some flowers. ⑤She came to China last year. ⑥Tony always likes showing the stones to them and talking about the stones whether they like the stones or not. ⑦My mother took me to the zoo.

主语:To understand English is not a difficult thing.宾语:I want to learn English well.主补:My job is to teacher English.宾补:He asked me to teach him English.定语:I have lots of books to read.状语:Let's stop to have a rest.

以前我也作过这道题,是一篇阅读里的.是讲一个老妇人给小孩子讲时间,我当时完全不明白,错了.所以现在还记忆有心.他的意思是:2 to 2 to 2,从差两分两点到两点.还是挺有意思的吧,加油吧

He is too young to go to school.他太小了以至于不能读书.

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