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Generally composed of ceramic or stainless steel with a vacuum layer made into a water storage containers, at the top of a covered, sealed JANSEN, vacuum insulation installed in the house allows water and other liquids slow coo...

chanic part of mankind, and not embarrassed with the pride, luxury, ambition, and envy of the

玻璃杯:glass (通称) 茶杯/咖啡杯:cup (通称) 马克杯:mug 扎啤杯:beer mug 高脚水杯:goblet 烈酒杯:shot glass 鸡尾酒(调酒)杯:cocktail glass 葡萄酒杯:wine glass 香槟酒杯:(champagne) flute 一次性杯:disposable cup (通称) 一...

大一 额 建议中文叙述一一句百度翻译一句再用and because maybe 之类的连起来哈哈


That is a cup. 下面我来回答你的追问, It is a cup. This is a cup. That is a cup. 的问题。 It 开头的那句 重点在描述“是杯子” this 开头的 重点在“这(地点位置)” that开头的 重点在“那(地点位置)” 希望你明白了,这三句都对,主要看重...

Chinese newspaper cup national high school essay contest中国报纸杯全国高中作文大赛

水杯便携创意 英文:Portable creative glass/Portable originality glass 或者:The cups are creative 便携 portable 创意 英文:originality

您好: 水杯: cup ,glass, 都可以的。 望采纳,祝开心!

Write a composition of 60 words English cupNorthern Ireland, or commonly known as Britain. UK is composed of four parts. They are: England, Scotland, Welsh and Northern Ireland. London is the capital of UK. UK is a constitution...

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