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Generally composed of ceramic or stainless steel with a vacuum layer made into a water storage containers, at the top of a covered, sealed JANSEN, vacuum insulation installed in the house allows water and other liquids slow coo...

chanic part of mankind, and not embarrassed with the pride, luxury, ambition, and envy of the

您好: 水杯: cup ,glass, 都可以的。 望采纳,祝开心!

有盖子的杯子 Cup with lid

minons are some small robots in a movie.they are yellow,and they always wear blue trousers.some have one eye and some have two eyes.their arms and legs are short, so they look very funny.bananas are their favrite food.mimions a...

plastic cup stainless steel cup glass如果指水杯,那一定是玻璃杯,哪怕是带耳的玻璃杯; bottle是瓶子,这个没什么疑问; cup也不一定是带耳的

这杯子很好看 This cup is very good-looking

That is a cup. 下面我来回答你的追问, It is a cup. This is a cup. That is a cup. 的问题。 It 开头的那句 重点在描述“是杯子” this 开头的 重点在“这(地点位置)” that开头的 重点在“那(地点位置)” 希望你明白了,这三句都对,主要看重...

杯子里充满了水. The glass / cup is full of water . / The glass / cup is filled with water .

1、 质轻:比保温水壶或军用水壶轻的多,甚至比同规格的SIGG/LAKEN铝材的水壶也要轻些。 2、 耐用:你也许觉得透明的太空杯看起来就弱不禁风,但事实上今天的太空杯无论是最好的NALGENE还是超里几块钱一个的国产品牌,它们的材料无一例外全部是P...

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