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excercise regularly can boost your physical and mental health in fact, a lot participants were uninformed detail rules of this activity.According to the instructions, the volunteers were assigned to two rescue teams.Experts believe it will take five years to significantly improve air quality.

1. I have to wash the dishes after dinner and to watch TV after reading.2. I understand your feelings, but the rules really good for us.3. Sometimes parents are very strict, but they help set rules for us, so we have to abide by.4. I was very happy, because

翻译句子:必须用到括号里的词1.每个学生都应该独立完成家庭作业(on one's own)each student should finish his homework on his own.2.擦完窗户,我们去扫地.(v-ing

1.On the whole,I think the meeting was very interesting and professor Brown's presentation was popular.2.It is a wide range of energy,such as coal ,oil ,gas,water power,and nuclear power and so on.3.Now that you bike was broken,you can use mine as long as you can take care of it.

More than the dream he happy.Because of ignorance, his career come to an end.How things come about.Present in critical condition, the participants immediately evacuated.There is no so-called shortcut.Students were requested to keep quiet in

1 we are no allowed to eat things in the classroom. 2. He pretended to sleep when we went into the room. 3 Have you considered to buy a new car? 4 Your opinion can not affect my decision.

1.For the Internet course, students can not only choose time and place to study, but also have some time to think of the answers.2.The idea of studying on the Internet make her quite excite, while he thinks that it make no sense and use.3.

一:1. I have not studied according to father's meaning do business, heextremely is angry. (cross) 2. These children although the present are very mischievous,after but they grow up can understand that

1,到了那里,别忘了给我们写信.(forget)Don't forget to write to us when you arrive there. 2,我们学校的足球队由24名成员组成.(consist of)The football team of our school consists of 24 members. 3,我认为这本书值得一读.(worth)I think this

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