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我和奶奶正在散步. I and my grandma was taking a walk.

她和我每天晚上一起散步。 She and I go for a walk together every night. 重点词汇 每天晚上omn. noct.; omni nocte; Qn 一起together; all at once; in company with; in conjunction with 散步walk; take a walk; go for a walk; go for a s...

I happened to find that he was walking.

Where the environment is quiet mountain green water to ride a bike or walk to the town life is tough

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你这个需要去医院 而且需要打疫苗了 东西虽小 但是危害很大



1、x年x月x日 天气晴2、(1)这时,震耳的摇滚乐曲传入我的耳朵,一群青年狂舞的情景映入我的眼帘。 (2) 走进公园,微风拂面,景色迷人。 3、 (需要我们努力去建设它) 望采纳 O(∩_∩)O谢谢


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