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很高兴为你解答: 散步英语怎么写 walk 或者 take a walk 例句: i always take a walk after dinner good luck!

你好,可以写: Do you want to have a walk with us?

散步[sàn bù] 词典 walk; take a walk; go for a walk; go for a stroll; promenade

go for walk 如果有帮到您 请给予好评 如果还有问题 请重新提问哦 谢谢拉#^_^#祝您愉快

去散步 take a walk go for a walk go for an airing go for a ramble

出去散步 Go for a walk

我和奶奶正在散步. I and my grandma was taking a walk.

window shopping,是中文意义上的逛街(只看不买) go shopping,购物 walk around,四处逛逛,四处走走 have a walk, take a walk,散步的意思。

散步: [ sàn bù ] 1. to go for a walk 2. to take a walk 其它相关解释: 例句与用法: 1. 爸爸妈妈去散步了。 My father and mother went for a walk. 2. 你想跟我去公园散步吗? Do you feel like going out for a walk in the park with me? 3....

After dinner, at seven o 'clock, I'm writing homework, my parents to go for a walk, 9, my mother and I was watching TV, dad in playing computer, 10 PM I was sleeping, and mom and dad are still watching the TV.

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