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英语句型转换 求解答

填 be too patient 意思: 越patient (耐心)越好

【解答】很高兴在这里给你解答问题。I don't know which book I shall choose.同义句子转换 I don't know which book to choose. 分析句子成分如下 I 主语 don't know谓语 which to choose.复合不定式(相当于一个名词)作宾语 动词复合不定式构...

how often 频率

题目即要求改为宾语从句 9.who had won 10.where you found 11.where would 12.whether/if would 13.whether/if water freezes 改为特殊疑问词+to+do 14.when to 15.where to to

1.They have ever been abroad (否定句) 。They ——haven't———— —never————— been abroad。 2.She made a decision to catch up with Lily (同义句) She ___decided____ __to_____ catch up with Lily . She made up _a__ __mind____ to catch ...

Happen to be free Walking the dog Comes very upsetly Have his eyes examined So as to in order to

3 Yes, I do. 4 What do you usually do on Friday afternoon? 5 Tom doesn't do his homework at home. 6 I was at the butcher's 7 did do 8 didn't spend 9 where did your go 祝你学习进步,如果有什么疑问,请追问,如果回答有所帮助,请采纳.

1一般疑问句:Do you have any friend? 肯定回答:Yes, I do. 否定回答:No, I don't. 对括号中的内容提问:What do you have? 2.一般疑问句:Does he have a computer? 肯定回答:Yes, he does. 否定回答:No, he doesn't. 对括号中的内容提...

Do you have many friends? Yes, I do. No, I don't. What do you have? Does he have a computer? Yes, he does. No, he doesn't. What does he have?

1.There were about nine hundred poeple at the concert. 否定句:There were not about nine hundred poeple at the concert. 一般疑问句:Were there about nine hundred poeple at the concert? 对nine hundred提问: How many poeple were ...

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