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look at oneself in the mirror

Rear/Front Camera:后置/前置摄像头 Auto Shutter timer (1 sec):自动快门定时器(1秒) Motion detection sensor:动作检测传感器 Fake background image:假背景图像 Black Screen mode:黑屏模式 Backlight brightness:背光亮度 Focus Aut...


Keep life watch each other Uphold centuries-old virtues

English means to the people a great deal: Enters university's pass, to obtain the degree the absolute requirement, to study in the overseas the stepping-stone, to enter foreign enterprises' first condition ......Some investigat...

31. D; 32. volleyball; 33. C; 34. B; 35. A; 36. C; 37. A; 38. C; 39. D; 40. B 帮你听一下 也许能帮到你。。

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