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This time, I will not give up. I will not regret being (living) with you (the rest of my life) 括号中的living换掉前面的being可能会更好些 后面的括号中内容加上也可以,更能表达你的意思

1. The body sizes vary greatly among different species of the bats. Wingspread of the flying-fox can reach to 1.5 meters, whereas that of Kitti’s Hog-nosed Bat is only 15 centimeters. 2. Generally, megabats eat fruit or nectar ...


Battery operated Remote control. 电池操作遥控器 The item is in very good conditions and complete. 该零件状态良好,完好无损。 The remote ontrol is made of tin and comes with a wheel on the front to move the tractor, and with 2 l...

1 cherish time 2 The saying(俗话)goes:knowledge is power 3 It's said that confidence is success

standoff 僵持,僵局 weigh on使。。。苦恼

我此刻需要的只是一副眼镜。 spectacles 眼镜

邮电:post and telecommunications 海外部主任: Director of Overseas Department 感到骄傲和荣幸: feels proud and houonred gracious invitation: 诚恳的邀请 a distinguished group:杰出人士 寄托:have someone look after sb; entrust t...

```Do you know the words that you speak so have already harmed my heart more? I am true that night of cried for you` Do you know? Call me forget you` But I can not do it`` If can our leading afresh can? Be to everyone's an oppo...

You don't mind 【my/others'最好加上这个】calling you Xiao Li, do you? 你不会介意【我/别人】叫你小李/小丽,对吧? 祝你开心如意!

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