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do our promises can really go the entire life?i think it can'tso we can say "i love you" nowbut please do not say"i love you for ever" can you really do that? that's too difficultyoung of us, can promises go for ever?字典上给出的一个关于海誓山盟的翻译是a solemn pledge of love译为一个对爱情隆重的承诺.但是一般来说海誓山盟直接用promise(誓言)就可以了

1.Was born in the United States in 1880, she was born 19 months after the illness has not learn to speak on the vision and hearing loss.2.Her teacher in her seven-year-old Mrs.Anne Sullivan came to her side, opened her early education3.The help

ShangChi hot spring 'development and construction, the more its added hot spring bath, recuperate the recreational function of the health care. Enter here, clear water, air and pure and fresh, green for hot spring embellish, fruit fish fat, as if place oneself in the dream of rural, make the person miss round trip.

We all know that the expression of the meaning of gestures can vary. In different countries, sometimes, the same meaning expressed by a gesture is different, even opposite. Today, I wanted to give us

刚刚该过了,应该可以用了.我不想和你见面,因为我怕我会喜欢上你. I can't see you 我选择逃避.~He doesn't deserve this.It's best if I walk away because I don't want this to

1.I have a classmate called Kate that her mother is a former English teacher I am.2 is an easy Kate live in person who all like her.In the spoken word Kate 3 in a contest for the first, which makes her a very happy mom 希望能帮着你.

Despite this myself, I have a lot of dreams. I dream of a child as a doctor. I have idols XXX, I hope one day to see him, and sinking, the stars shining on stage. However, I clearly know that only their own in order to achieve those dreams into college. I now work with these dreams. Wanted to succeed!

Xiao-yan hope to be in here again ask you sound well-behaved, for a long time this is not passed, we now calculate the two have split four months faster Rafah, w

I don't hink he has done his best. Autumn comes, the leaves tured yellow. At this time, he should have already arrived at station. Once he went to the room, took off his raincoat. The TV set is broken, which need to be mended. 当小孩哭了的时候,你怎样使他们笑? 我不再像过去那样经常游泳了.

you are my belief,i will stand on the stage that once belonged to you to create my own glory.please whish me good luck

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