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be made from /of ...由.....制成 Nylon is made from air, coal and water. 尼龙是由空气、煤和水加工制成。 Some bowls were made of pottery and wood. 一些碗是用陶土和木头制成的。

be made of 和be made from都是"由……制成"的意思。如果制成的东西还看得出是什么原料做的,就用of,如果已看不出是用什么原料做的,则应用from。 没有be made off. The desk is made of wood. 这张桌子是由木头制成的。 This paper is made from...

由象牙制成的东西的英文翻译_百度翻译 由象牙制成的东西 Made of ivory.

The coin looks as if it was made of silver. 这枚硬币看起来好像是由银制成的

What is this fork made of

为了说的明白,可以说:The glass cup is made of the glasses. 玻璃杯是由玻璃制成的。玻璃杯可以看出玻璃的材质,所以用made of

The desk is made from (或者of)wood。 这里我觉得from和of都能用。 注: make of 用什么什么制造,可以看出原材料的原始样子。eg.this desk is made of wood. make from 用什么为原材料制造的,原材料的原始样子可能已经消失。 eg. The cheese...

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chees is made from milk.

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