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由….制成(看不出原料): be made from 由….制成(能看出原料): be made of

What is this fork made of

The table is made of wood

由象牙制成的东西的英文翻译_百度翻译 由象牙制成的东西 Made of ivory.

为了说的明白,可以说:The glass cup is made of the glasses. 玻璃杯是由玻璃制成的。玻璃杯可以看出玻璃的材质,所以用made of

Paper is made from wood and bamboo.( be made from 由—制成,看不出材料)

The first step, you need to learn to rub mud. We rub mud. The purpose is to let the air out of mud, prevent burn crack in the firing process. Now we use at the center of the turntable mud force. The left hand at the force, the ...

1. He lived in the northeast of the city 2. The butter is made from milk 3. This is the first time we have gone to the Great Wall 注意这里是一个句型it is /this is the first that ... 如果主句用的是一般现在时态从句使用现在完成,...

Since modern times, China has been lagged far behind by other countries owing to the feudalism and the like. 楼主认为我这是机器翻译?

This ring is made of silver. be made of 被制成的物品,还可以看出原料的质地,也就是说在制造过程中仅仅发生物理变化,即使发生了化学变化,也是次要的,不改变原料的质地。比如 风筝是由纸和木棍/竹篾制成的。 be made from 把制成的物品,...

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