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be made from /of ...由.....制成 Nylon is made from air, coal and water. 尼龙是由空气、煤和水加工制成。 Some bowls were made of pottery and wood. 一些碗是用陶土和木头制成的。

be made of 和be made from都是"由……制成"的意思。如果制成的东西还看得出是什么原料做的,就用of,如果已看不出是用什么原料做的,则应用from。 没有be made off. The desk is made of wood. 这张桌子是由木头制成的。 This paper is made from...

made by XX 由某人制造 made in XX 在某地制造 made from XX 由……做成(看不出原材料) made of XX 由……做成(看的出原材料)

由象牙制成的东西的英文翻译_百度翻译 由象牙制成的东西 Made of ivory.

What is this fork made of

lt is made of paper

由某某制作用英文如下: be made by sb。 相关例句如下:1、No ( such) hasty decision should be made by us. 我们不可这样匆促作出决定。 2、Long ago, each pin had to be made by hand. 很久以前,每个曲别针都是手工做成的。 3、No claims ...

What is the rail made of?

What is this kind of medicine made from ? ( 看不见材料时用FROM)

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