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Dear Sir/Madam:I am writing to you because I am very intreseted in the secretary job you offered. That is the job i am seeking. I am (年龄) years' old. I have got a (bachelor本科生master研究生 Phd博士 degree)in(某某university) .I major in (专

i'm glad that you can see my application letter. now,i'm going to introduce name's **.i'm a girl(boy) of **years old.and i'm a high school student now.i regard myself as a very excellent student,and it's really the fact.i always get higher scores

Applying for the Position of Secretary and Typist Senior 3 No. 1 Middle School Beijing May 14, 1990 Mr. Cooper South Hotel Zhongshan Road Guangzhou China Dear Mr. Cooper,I wish to apply for the position of secretary and typist in your hotel

In response to your advertisement in today's newspaper,I wish to apply for the position of senior clerk in your esteemed firm.I have received a good education and I have business knowledge and know the sales techniques. The only reason why I

Dear Sirs, Please allow me to apply for the position of office clerk which you advertised in "Yangcheng Evening News" of April 9. I am 28 years of age and unmarried. After receiving my B.B.A. from Xiame触锭鞭瓜庄盖彪睡波精n University, I

YOUR NAME 名字 222 FIRST STREET, CALGARY, T3A-3Y5 地址 PHONE (403) 000-0000 E-MAIL ME@HOME.COM 电话和电邮 OBJECTIVE 个人理想 [ Type Objective Here ] EDUCATION 学历 200x - 200x [ School/Organization Name 学校 ] [

Dear Sir or Madam:Good morning,my name is Li Hua,19 years old, a second grade student of JiangJie senior school. I'm very glad to be granted this opportunity to be interviewed. I hope my performance today can turn out to your entire

Dear HR manager,With reference to the advertisement, you posted in the Job Market News, I am interested to the position of sexcretary to the managing director. I am LiMin and I graduated from Qingdao Vocational School. My spoken and written

Dear Sir: Know from newspaper your news agency job advertisement English secretary's advertisement, I very would like to accept appointment and strive for this post.I,m Li Li, 25 years old, height 1.65, healthy body.After finishing university, once

做秘书,好啊.有事秘书干,没事干秘书.我帮你写篇,一定OK.Dearl or: you see this care is time,my going to want gan me ma?yes shi me lai gan,no shi lai gan me.oh,this is good idea.welcome to my googsi,tuo ba.tuo ba. tuo three wei is 80 21 34.woo,woo.woo. GOOD. AV:***** THS! | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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