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①这些天天气凉快.(主系表结构)It is cool these days ②太阳从东方起从升起西方落下.(主谓宾结构)The sun rises from the east and falls from the west③下周将举行运动会.(There be结构)There is going to

1.I met all impossible, but meet to disappear possibility of you2.Do you know I be slowly learn to fish out my heart, those passing years forever of stay around past, the memory which return not to go.3.Calling you don't talk's ising not me has no matter

I will make you my partner and love in my life,see you as my belief,I would like to be with you this moment forever,never to be separated.


翻译P16中译英1, Mrs. Smith complained to me that she often found with his sixteen year old daughter just can not communicate2, I believe, reading shorthand (simplified) English fiction is to expand our vocabulary in a relaxed and enjoyable way3,

Thanks,Mom,for All you have done 妈妈,谢谢你为我所做的一切1:We tend to get caught up in everyday business and concerns and forget some of the things that are most important . Too few of us stop and take the time to say "thank you" to 1.

还是不要用not only,but also了吧,而且你的but(also)是用在but more important吗,这样不好哦,一般是用来连接两个并列成分的.不过时态是没错的,我懂你的这个意思,但也不一定需要not noly,but also,可以那么说“Though I have passed cet4 and cet6,communicating with others is more important to me”

To see whether a woman self-confident, after looking at her up remover. To see whether a man self-confident, to see him after falling out of love. Look at a man's taste, depends on his socks. To see whether a woman pampered, to look at her hand.


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