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社会实践项目 community service 队长 project leader, team leader 一等奖 first prize, gold award

The award-winning experience: Two prize campus creative cultural products competition Eighteenth Annual KechuangFestival -, team cooperation projects, designed for the 60 anniversary of the founding of thecampus cultural and cr...

In 2012, part-time English tutor,got praised from parents and students, trained patience and meticulous attitude. In 2011, served as a cashier in a restaurant, trained the careful work attitude and hard-working spirit. In 2010,...

2007年1月寒假,应聘成为拜丽德服装专卖店的导购员。 In January 2007, the job becomes worship winter vacation 导购员 DE clothes store's ritz-carlton. 工作期间,勤奋机敏,积极热情,深得顾客喜爱,为店内业绩提升作出突出贡献,得到领导...

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