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Please advice your time of the payment for the goods, just a rough time, thanks.

Because there are so many Depts. in company that the fees should be applied one by one, the payment will be done in July. Sorry.

There is one payment which expiried last month by your company, please pay as soon as possible. By the way, A/P for this month is listed bolow, pls effect in time, thanks. A/P Account payable 应付货款

"委托XX公司代收货款"英文翻译: ⑴XX company commissioned payment collection ⑵Commission XX company to collect money ⑶XX company commissioned cod 相关例句: We entrust authorize XXcompany to charge for the goods on our behalf. 拜...

We will like to discuss with you whether can we offset the purchase price payable to your company last month with the payment to-be-paid by your company to ours' this month. Your company only need to pay for the balance after t...

There is still an amount of USD17760.00 pending unpaid by your company, pls pay a.s.a.p. And pls inform us accordingly if payment being effected. a.s.a.p. 是 as soon as possible 的缩写



参考 I am a Chinese customer, want to buy your company's products, excuse me, your company have any agent or office in China?If you want to buy your products I should how to operate, thank you.

The 016 oeder is waiting to be picked up... Please pay off the delayed payment as soon as possible, otherwise we will be unable to delivery, please understand us.

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