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Please help to stamp the attached packing list resend back. Thank you.

你好!我是英语师范学校毕业的,希望我可以为你排忧解难! 你的例句可以翻译为: Excuse me ,would you please confirm that whether the documents which will send to the general headquarter need stamp ?

Please kindly arrange chop on the enclosed two documents and revert them to me,thank you!

附件中的合同,需要泰国公司盖章签字后扫描发给我,用于银行付款。刘先生也需要你在上面签字。 As for the attached contract, You should scan it to me after being stamped and signed by the Thai Company,which will be used for payment t...

盖章 [词典] seal; stamp; affix one's seal; [例句]他在文件上盖章。 He annexed his seal to the document.

翻译如下: 如果章回来,请立即帮我盖章 As soon as the official seal comes back, please stamp my seal immediately.

Please sign and stamp on these documents. Thank you for your cooperation 有帮助请采纳~不懂欢迎追问~

绝大部分都是有效的。 北京品格翻译是经北京市工商行政管理局审核批准注册,并经北京市公安局备案的正规、合法企业。自2003年成立以来,已为国内外多家律师事务所的各类法律文件、中外籍个人客户的各种证明文件,提供了翻译和盖章服务。 经品格...

1、盖章:seal; stamp; imprint。专业性: seal。 2、中英文例句: 1) 请签字盖章后回传 Please sign and stamp then fax back 2)每项协定都必须由他签名盖章。 Every agreement must be delivered under his hand and seal. 3)合同不盖章...

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