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used to do sth 过去常常做某事 the other day 前几天 past 过去 in the past few years 前几年 ……ago ……以前 long time ago 很久以前 beforetime 以前 once upon a time 从前

以前:before 现在:now We did it like that before.But we do it like this now. 以前我们那样做,现在我们这样做。

long long ago A long time ago Long time ago Once upon a time Long long time ago

曾经有人说过 Someone used to say

two days ago 或者 in last two days

This technology has been being improved since the 90s.

千万不能说poor,外国人最忌讳听这句话,你是想谦虚的表达,可是听的人会很不舒服。 你可以说My English is not very well. 其实没必要这样谦虚的,外国人根本不会嘲笑你英语好不好,你会说他已经很高兴了,就像外国人说中国话我们一样不会嘲笑他...

最常见最简单教的最多的就是.I'm very sorry to hear that 还有一些供参考: 1、I am at a loss for words to express my distress on the death of ... 对于某某的噩耗,我不知道如何表达心中的哀痛. 2、...will always be held in high esteem ...

用英文表达原来如此可用I see来表达. 例子: 原来如此。现在我了解你的意思。 A: I see.Now I understand what you mean. 原来如此!我要去找镜子瞧仔细些了卜晚安! Oh I see! I will go and find a mirror to take a thorough look!* Goodnight...

Great changes have taken place in people's life in the past 20 years. In the past people kept in touch with friends mainly by sending letters. They would listen to the radio for news and other information. Children used to ...

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