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用英文写一天的安排,5句话l usually范文:I usually get up at six a.m everyday. I then have my breakfast at half past six. After that, i get all my

写一天的安排英语作文510句话,并翻译。a regular day.我每天作息规律。I get up at 6.30 o‘clock.我六点就起了。And then I have a breakfast after taking a

关于一天计划的英语作文带翻译I am well aware that this is not an easy way to take, but Once we mastered the knack of this, it is exciting to

一天的学习计划英语作文50字I'll make a plan about my winter holiday.As a student ,I should put study in my first place,I 'll also read some

请用英语描述一下自己一天的学习计划.【不少于50个In the first place,after breakfast,I will read some English words ten minutes.Besides,

英语作文《周末一天的计划》带翻译I hope this weekend I can live very happy!在这个周末我有个计划,如果明天是晴天的话.星期六的早上,我将要去看望我的外祖

关于一天的计划英语作文i can help mom do some housework to relieve her burden.apart from it,in trip i can learn many thing i can't learn

关于一天的计划英语作文英语作文:根据你一天的作息时间表,写一篇介绍你一天的活动. 你最喜爱的一天的课程安排和活动的英语作文

写一篇自己一天的活动安排 〔英语作文〕50字左右Lynn usually get up at 6:30 in the morning and go to school at 7:00.She finishes

英语作文关于一天的作息安排30字today is Monday,there are 4 classes in the morning and 3 classes in the afternoon.i

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