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nd the kids won't go to school, because they will study on computers. not only students but also the teachers won't go to school,either.students will learn fewer subjects. everyone will choose a special subject which they are good at and spend most of

I just don't want to go to. Mom and dad didn't also way, she no longer forced me to go to the class. But I know that mom and dad must feel terrible.But, but I especially like reading, reading content involves the children's literature, fairy tales, popular

How are you getting on?I was admitted into a new school near JiaXin. Last weekend, I made a two days trip around JiaXin. The trip gave me a good insight of the life of JiaXin people.In the new school, I met many interesting teachers and

是这个吗? If there was ever a time to dare to make a difference to embark on something worth doing,it is now ,not for any grand cause, necessarily , but for something that tugs at your heart, something that is your inspiration, something that is your

Nothing is impossible可以参考下内容:) Nothing is impossible to a willing mind, I always say "Nothing is impossible"You never look smart,You never say anything, One day, you are rocking on stage,I'm just the common one in the crowd looking

"Nothing is impossible if you work hard." look, I can not speak English well? Now, my English level has been the top class, every time English test can be satisfied with the result. But, you know? In

EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE;Nothing is inpossible. Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying.\x09只要你不放弃,万事皆有可能

everything is possible

答案是:everything is possible.其它答案:I believe (that) nothing is impossible. 翻译:我相信没有什么是不可能的.Impossible is nothing. 翻译:不可能是不存在的.Anything is possible. 翻译:任何事都是有可能的. I believe anything is

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