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A person to sleep


I sleep, so a man to sleep

睡觉 [ shuì jiào] to go to bed to go to sleep 更多相关:<bye-byes> <hit the slats> <sleep> <slept> <sack out> <sack in> <pound his ear> <pound her ear> <pound their ear> <pound my ear> <hit the sack> <kip down> <dreamland> <kip> 例句与用法

去睡觉用英语说是:go to bed,其中:bed 英 [bed] 美 [bd] n. 床;基础;河底, 海底 vt. 使睡觉;安置,嵌入;栽种 vi. 上床;分层 短语 go back to bed 回到床上 ; 躺回床上 go o to bed 睡觉 ; 去睡觉 go straight to bed 马上就寝 扩展资料 同

1 go to bed;2 turn in;3 hit the pad;4 tumble in 最常用的是go to bed或者是go to sleep 例句:玩耍了一会儿,他们便上床睡觉了.They Sported for a while, and then went to bed went to bed 是 go to bed的过去式 请采纳,谢谢

<Sleep by oneself> worker:vision Light is opening But the sky is still dark windows are closing But I still feel very cold Phone is singing at there I miss that summer forever Pillow is kissing my face Dream from beginning to end project the frame of

图上有一张床.There is a bed in the picture. 有一个人在睡觉.A man is sleeping in bed.

睡觉 [词典] sleep; fall asleep; go to bed; have a sleep; bye-byes; [例句]他累了,睡觉很沉.He is tired, he sleeps like a log.

“睡觉”用英文表示有以下几种:1、 sleep;英[sli:p] 美[slip]vi. 睡,睡觉;vi. 睡,睡觉; 睡眠状态;vt. 为…提供床位; 提供住宿; 以睡觉打发日子;2、 fall asleep;英[f:l sli:p] 美[fl slip]v. 睡着; 入睡;3、 go to bed;英[u tu:

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