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An Unforgettable Experience Last summer, I went to Beidaihe for my holiday with my family. We took a train because the way is not far. We lived in a big hotel where could see the sea . We stayed there for three days. The first day, we went for a

每个人的一生都会遇到许许多多的事.当然,我也不例外. 我的一生中遇见过伤心的事 可有一件事,像是刻在了我的心里,使我终生难忘! 那还是我小学的时候,一次放假.

你好. 我是来自新加坡的一名学生.An unforgettable experience100 字左右就够了吗?The sun blazed mercilessly upon my back, scorching my bag and burning my hair. No leaves rustled, everything was still. Nobody in the vicinity is visible.

An Unforgettable ExperienceThis summer holiday,I went to Dalian with my family.We got there by air.Dalian is a very beautiful andmodern city.On the bus,we could see all

生活中有许许多多值得我们回忆的事,同样,也有许多难忘的瞬间.一个瞬间,就是一幅精彩的画面;一个瞬间,承载着一段感人的故事.在我成长的道路上,有许多瞬间令我难忘. 屋外,是玩耍嬉戏的孩子,屋内,是在埋头写作业的我.作业

Unforgettable Experience The last few days before Christmas are exceptionally busy days for shopperswe had just entered a jewellery shop when all of a sudden there was a tremendous explosion.

我是来自新加坡的一名学生.An unforgettable experience100 字左右就够了吗?The sun blazed mercilessly upon my back,scorching my bag and burning my hair.No leaves rustled,everything was still.Nobody in the

An Unforgettable ExperienceDuring the last summer holiday, I went to the Amusement Park of Beijing. My elder brother told me that it was an interesting place. We started out by car at 6:00. I saw a lot of people including a foreigner who has blue

it is a sunny day when i wailed around my school .suddenly,i heard some one crying her fail in maths.i want to lend her my hand,so i told her my experience during my study

An Unforgettable Travel My families plan to visit the interesting place p of Shanghai.We are led to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower ,a famous tourist attraction,which is on every Shanghainese's lips.It is a magnificent building located in Pudong New Area | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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