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1、I am writing to invite you to…我写信是为了邀请您……2、I think it would be a great idea if you could participate in…如果您参加……那就太好了.3、I wonder if you can come…我想知道您是否能来……4、How would you like to join us in…?您

不区分大小写了!时间、地点都可以任抄意改 i am writing to invite sb to do sth 我写信邀请……去做…… would you like to come to have dinner with us at 6:00 p.m next friday?(你愿意下周五晚六点和我们共进晚餐吗?) we are having a party in

i'm pleasing to invisit you for something at sometime on someplace.俺很高兴地邀请你来参加something,在sometime和someplace.上面这个有点老套,不过胜在实用.下面这个邀请虽然清新雅致,但相对有些固定,看作办哈:i will hold a (

邀请信1 结构要点: 邀请信是邀请收信人参加某项活动的书信,包含三个方面: 1.邀请对方参加活动的内容、时间和地点; 2. 与该活动有关的注意事项; 3.期待对方接受邀请,并可表示感谢. Directions 13 Write a letter to one of your high

The number 25 Middle school, Beijing June 10th Nanjing University, NanJing. Dear 所以我可以从你的英语学习中得到更多的帮助.但我担心我不能去这个暑假.我的祖母

A letter of invitation Nanjing University, Nanjing, June 1st, the number 25 middle 除了你和我,这里没有任何人,所以我们可以有一个真正的好的英语交谈,这里有一些美

邀请信 范文 Directions:You want to invite Mr.Williams to give a lecture on "American literature" in your college.Supposed you are the assistant of the English department,

an invitation letter july 2,2010 dear lzb112(你的名字), this july 3th i want to hold a celebration of our established company in gold award wineshop on sunday morning. it would be pleasant to have you here. so interesting will this celebration be

Dear SmithsI am very honored to invite you to our county. The Middle autumn festival will come soon, and everybody knows this festival is a Chinese traditional day. We alway

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