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渴望的英文短语:dying to;thirst for; long to;be eager to;be desperate for. 1、dying to 英 [da tu] 美 [da tu] 渴望;港人渴望;迫切 i'm dying to realize all my life dreams! 我渴望实现我所有的人生梦想! 2、thirst for 英 [θst f

朋友你好!很高兴为你解答!想要做某事可以有以下三种表述!feel like doing sth.would like to do sth.用would love to do sth语气更加强烈.want to do sth.【亲,希望对你有帮助~~】 满意请采纳!!

want to do sth.would like to do sth.feel like doing sth.wish to do sth.eager to do sth.long for doing sth.

feel like doing want to do would like to do

1在农场 on the farm 2喜欢做某事 like to do sth/ like doing sth 3希望做某事 hope to do 4想要做某事 want to do sth 5介意做某事 mind doing sth 6乘火车 by train/ take trains

want to do sth 例:I want to buy a new bicycle.我想买一辆新自行车.would like to do sth.例:I would like a cup of tea.我想要一杯茶.应该就有两个呀 其他的我就不知道了

你好!想让某人做某事Want sb to do sth

want to do somethingdecide to do somethingstart to do somethingagree to do somethingtry to do something

want to do sthdecide to do sthbegin to do sthagree to do sthtry to do sth

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